Japan has a new revision of the PS4 that uses less power and runs cooler

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post suggesting you hold off on buying a Playstation 4  because a new model may be be arriving shortly.

It's time for an update on that story. First of all, the 1 TB SKU still hasn't been announced for North America, but you should be getting it next week if you're in Europe. Unfortunately we still don't know when, or if, Sony will announce a 1 TB model for North America.

What makes things even more confusing is that in Japan a new PS4 revision, the CUH-1200, is now available. Eurogamer has an in-depth post about it  but the key take-aways are lower power consumption and quieter operation.

Eurogamer says, however, that the new 1 TB SKU hitting stores in Europe does not have these new CUH-1200 improvements; at least not yet. So when will Europe and North America see the quieter, less power-hungry PS4? Sadly we just don't know.

Fan noise is one of my few (minor) complaints about the PS4 though. It doesn't happen all the time but some games cause the internal fan to kick into high gear and it becomes loud enough to be very noticeable. If you've held off this long on getting a PS4 it might be worth sitting tight until this holiday season. It goes without saying that there'll be some tempting sales then, and if we're lucky, this new hardware revision will be on the shelves here by then, too.

Now I have a question for existing PS4 owners. Until very recently I had my PS4 standing upright. Due to some re-arranging of the entertainment center it is now laying down and it seems to me like the fan kicks on less often than it did when it was standing upright. Has anyone else experienced this? It's only been a few days since I changed things so maybe it's just a coincidence or my imagination but I'd love to hear from other PS4 owners who've experimented with orientation of the system.

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