How to control what you see in your Facebook news feed

Facebook has released a new update that lets you prioritize what you see in your News Feed

Not happy with the stuff Facebook shows (or doesn't show) you? You're not alone. The social network has its own algorithms for determining what you want to see, but if you want more control, the good news is Facebook is rolling out better tools to let you decide what kind of content is show to you.

You'll be able to prioritize the people or brands you most want to see, easily unfollow those you don't, and, if you change your mind, reconnect with people those you've unfollowed. There's a new discovery tool as well to help further clutter up--I mean, enhance--your Facebook stream.

It's a welcome update that's available now on iOS and is rolling out to Android and the desktop in the upcoming weeks. In the Facebook app, go to More > Settings > News Feed Preferences.

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