See all the places you've been with Google's new Your Timeline

Google will now let you take a stroll back through all your travels and see your most visited places

Today Google introduced Your Timeline, a feature in Google Maps for desktop and Android, that reveals everywhere you've been.

Sound creepy? It's actually a feature for those of us who want to reminisce about our travels, the road trips we've taken, and places we've visited along the way. (Helpful if you want to remember "What's the name of that great restaurant we loved in Boston??") The information is gleaned from your location history stored with Google--if you've opted-in to it, that is. (Location History comes in handy for using things like getting traffic accident notifications along your commute via Google Now.)

Your Timeline will also show photos shared with Google Photos on a specific day for even more reminiscing.

If you're not keen on Timeline or find it intrusive, Google clarifies that you can delete specific days and locations or your entire Timeline history, or rename a location to be private. Or if you're concerned about the privacy implications here, you can go further and turn off Location History at Google's My Account.

Sadly, my timeline tells me I haven't traveled nearly as much as I would have liked to since 2009, but I sure do eat out too much in my hometown. Maybe Your Timeline is more worth viewing than mine.

[h/t The Next Web, Lifehacker]

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