The NBA will sell you streaming access to individual games or a Team Pass, complementing their League Pass service

I guess its sports week here at The Technofile. Earlier this week I talked about the NFL's new Game Pass service that lets you stream games to a variety of devices. Today it's the NBA's turn.

Full disclosure: I'm not a basketball fan and don't follow the sport or the NBA so hopefully I can get through telling you about this new service without making a fool of myself.

Anyway, like the NFL, the NBA wants to make it easier for fans to watch games that don't air locally on TV. They already offer a $200 package called League Pass which gives you all the games and they're going to continue to offer it, but if $200 is too rich for your blood, they've added a couple of new options.

Team Pass will cost $119.99 and will give you all the games that a single team plays. That seems like a pretty good price for an 82 game season.

If you're a more casual fan, you'll be able to purchase access to a single game for $6.99. That one feels a little bit high to me, but the only thing I have to compare it to is renting a recent movie release, which is usually a dollar or two less. Still it's nice to have the option of just watching the odd game here and there without committing to a subscription.

It's worth nothing that unlike the NFL's Game Pass, you're watching these games live, not after the fact. You can watch NBA games on mobile devices, Xbox or Playstation consoles (even the Vita!), the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs and of course your computer.

If you're interested in the League Pass or Team Pass, those go on sale on September 8th, 2015. You can find out more about these services, or sign up to get notified when they're available, at the NBA League Pass page

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