Microsoft's 14-page guide to what's new in Windows 10

Microsoft highlights the new OS's key features in this Windows 10 Quick Guide

We've been hearing about Windows 10 for months, and by most accounts the new OS was worth the wait. If you've largely ignored Windows 10 news and tips until now, get the basics of what's new in Windows 10 with Microsoft's quick guide.

The 14-page PDF simply highlights the main new features, so don't expect to find hidden secrets of Windows 10 here. Much of it is also written not just as a guide but as marketing material (e.g., "Get the best games, graphics & Xbox built in with Windows 10. From casual games to intense multi-player blockbusters, PC gaming is at its best on Windows 10."). 

Still, this is the quick list--straight from the source--of what's important in Windows 10. Namely:

  • Cortana personal digital assistant, including Cortana Home (personalized info)
  • Microsoft Edge: a new ink-friendly browser with improved a distraction-free reading view
  • Xbox integration
  • Improved and new music, movies & TV, photos, maps, and mail & calendar apps
  • Security improvements, such as built-in defense against socially-engineered downloads of malicious software
  • The return of the Start menu
  • New desktop and multi-tasking views
  • Automatic updates

The quick guide won't tell you a whole lot about how to use Windows 10, but you can quickly browse through it to get the basic gist of Windows 10, if you haven't already.

[h/t CNET]

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