Have we learned something about the Nintendo NX from Square Enix?

We've known since last March that Nintendo is working on a new gaming console, codenamed the NX, but we don't know much at all about it.

Nintendo has said it'll tell us more about the Nintendo NX in 2016, which made me anticipate a 2017 launch. Now it's looking like I might have gotten it wrong and the new console could arrive earlier.

This is all speculation and reading between the lines, I'll admit. You see yesterday Square Enix held a media event to announce, among other things, Dragon Quest XI. The event was in Japanese so I have to rely on others to translate, but some outlets (like Ars Technica UK) are reporting that Dragon Quest XI will be out in 2016 for the Playstation 4, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo NX.

Assuming they have the correct translation that means the NX will be out in 2016 (one would assume late 2016). It also suggests that Square Enix knows more about the NX than we do, which gets you wondering who else knows about this mysterious new system. Are developers already building games for it in secret? They'd have to be in order to be ready for a 2016 launch, but generally once dev kits are out in the wild we get at least some info leaking. 

On the other hand, Dualshockers offers up a different translation. They cite a follow-up press release (here's a very rough translation) that says Dragon Quest XI is being "considered" for the NX. That's a lot less definite and a lot less interesting since it could mean they're just speculating and that they don't know any more about the NX than the rest of us do.

On the other, other hand, it could be that what was said in the press conference was accurate, but that Nintendo then complained to Square Enix about giving out this info, and in response Square Enix hastily sent out a press release to do damage control. Are we far enough down the rabbit hole yet?!

As for the game itself, Square Enix has not yet decided if it'll launch it in the West, even on the platforms that it is confirmed for (PS4 and 3DS). 

You can watch the entire press conference on YouTube, though there is no translation or sub-titles:

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