Windows 10 upgrade timeline

Are you ready to upgrade Windows 10?

windows 10 upgrade timeline
Credit: Stephen Glasskeys

Windows 10 is rolling out to desktops worldwide, but if you are one of those still on the fence and mulling over whether or not you should upgrade, perhaps this review by Preston Gralla could help you arrive at a decision.

On the other hand, if you are sure you want to upgrade, and would like to know what to expect during the upgrade process, or need to know how long it could possibly take, hopefully the upgrade timeline listed below can help fill-in the missing pieces. 

The following screenshots and stopwatch readings were taken while upgrading a Windows 8.1 Pro laptop with a i5 CPU running at 1.7 GHz, and 4GB of memory.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline system information Stephen Glasskeys

Windows 10 is ready to install.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline begin installation Stephen Glasskeys

License window, followed by Preparing for the upgrade.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline accept and prepare Stephen Glasskeys

I used a Lumia 1020 running the +Stopwatch+Timer app to record the total elapsed time at various stages of the upgrade process. Every time I took a photo of the upgrade screen, I took another snapshot of the stopwatch app.

The stopwatch timer was started at the same exact moment the Start the upgrade now button was clicked.   

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 04 Stephen Glasskeys

The configuration process began, taking around five and a half minutes to reach 25%.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 05 Stephen Glasskeys

The configuration stage took around 15 minutes total to finish. The machine rebooted and started Upgrading Windows.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 06 Stephen Glasskeys

One hour has passed since the upgrade button was clicked.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 07 Stephen Glasskeys

At 75%... 

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 08 Stephen Glasskeys

One hour and forty-five minutes to reach 99%.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 99 percent complete Stephen Glasskeys

The machine restarted a final time, then at last, it was running Windows 10.

Windows 10 upgrade timeline 10 Stephen Glasskeys

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