NFL football's streaming Game Pass service goes live for $100/year

A couple of weeks back I talked about the NFL's new Game Pass service. Here's the quick recap: you get streaming access to all the NFL games on-demand, but only a few pre-season games live.

At the time we didn't have a price or a launch date. Now we do. The service launched this past weekend and it costs $100/year (there's a seven day free trial). You can access it now via iOS, Android or Windows, and it's coming to the Xbox, Apple TV and "more" (unspecified) devices, but we don't know when. I checked the NFL app on the Xbox One the other night and it listed Game Pass as 'Coming soon.'

Honestly I was hoping for a cheaper price, but then I guess the service is providing more than what I'm looking for. I was hoping to watch my favorite team play this season and I can't always get that team on the local TV stations. There are 16 games in the regular season but 'my' team will be on TV when they play the local team or possibly in the second Sunday time slot or when they play night games. I'm guessing that means there'll be about a dozen games I would miss, and that I could catch via Game Pass. That in turn means I'll be paying something like $8.33/game, which feels a little high but not awful.

For the true hardcore football fan, though, $100 is a bargain. Not only can you watch every game from every team, but you can watch every game from 2009 to present. When the season ends you can re-watch favorite games, or maybe follow a rivalry between two teams through the years. Whatever floats your boat.

Of course the hardcore fan wants to watch live games, too, so this isn't a solution for cord cutters. Still, once it's live on the Xbox One's NFL app (the first pre-season game is Saturday so maybe it'll be live by then) I think I'll try the seven day trial and see how I like it. I might be convinced to shell out $100.

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