Google's 18 recommendations for technical skills you'll need to land a job at Google

Google's technical development guide tells you the courses you can take to develop pro-level tech skills

google conference room
Credit: Marcin Wicharty

Many of us dream of landing a job at Google. Even if you're not hoping to work there, though, the company's guide to what you should learn in Computer Science could help you get a great new job as a software engineer.

Google's Technical Development Guide lists 18 recommendations, from taking an intro to CS course to learn basic coding to becoming a teaching assistant and getting an internship in software engineering.

Besides the list of skills Google thinks you should have, the guide helpfully include online resources you can use to acquire those skills.

While it's best for people who are currently studying Computer Science, it's also a roadmap for anyone hoping to switch career fields into a coding one. Of course, there's no guarantee that you'll get a job at Google if you follow these recommendations, but it couldn't hurt to follow their specs.

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