Slow & Steady: HBO Now finally reaches Chromecast, Sony's Playstation Vue reaches two more cities

HBO is killing me with its slow roll-out of HBO Now (their stand-alone streaming service). I canceled my HBO subscription a while back in anticipation of going direct to the source (I wanted to be able to easily turn the subscription on and off without dealing with my cable provider's customer service department), but I'm still waiting for it to hit one of my preferred streaming devices.

We knew that Apple had a three-month exclusivity deal in place from the time the service launched in early April, but when that expired it wasn't like support for other devices exploded. In the middle of July they added support for Android mobile devices, and Amazon Fire tablets, but if you wanted to watch HBO Now on a TV you were still limited to Apple TV.

Now, finally, HBO Now supports Chromecast (as reported by Google). You can stream to Chromecast from Android or iOS devices.

Hey, it's a start but I want the service on stand-alone devices other than the Apple TV. The HBO Now site still lists the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as coming soon. They don't even mention the Roku or game consoles. HBO Go support is on all kinds of devices and it seems odd that HBO Now isn't.

Of course you can get HBO Now via Sling TV on a Roku or Xbox One, but you'll have to subscribe to Sling ($20/month) in addition to HBO Now; not an ideal situation.

Speaking of services that are enjoying a slow, deliberate roll-out, Sony announced that their Playstation Vue streaming TV service has launched in Dallas and Miami; that makes seven cities altogether (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco Bay Area are the others). The service first came online in March and at this rate it'll be quite some time before the Vue TV service is widely available.

Sony also says Fox Soccer Plus is coming to Vue "later this summer" for $14.99/monoth or $12.99/month for Playstation Plus owners. Fox Soccer Plus, like Showtime, will be available nationwide via Vue. I've been enjoying Showtime through Vue and its been a pretty positive experience; I hope to see more channels added over time. In fact Vue is another place I'd love to see HBO Now!

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