Leak indicates the Playstation 4's next software update will support broadcasting to YouTube

It's been a while since we've seen any major improvements to the Sony Playstation 4's system software, and there're plenty of little odds and ends to fix. For instance, the last time I checked the "Upload Notification" bug was still there; if you have too many entries in this list uploads will start to fail. Worse, you have to delete those notifications one by one to clear things up and doing so can become pretty tedious.

The good news is that (if a leak can be trusted) PS4 System Software 3 is in beta testing. Now I'll admit this is a somewhat tenuous thread. The info originated on Japanese site PocketNews  and it was translated by several NeoGaf users and from there DualShockers gathered all the info into a nice neat post.

Information may have gotten twisted anywhere in that chain of events, and that's assuming the original source was legit. So with that truckload of caveats in place let's look at what we might get in System Software 3.

There're a lot of new social features to make it easier to find new PSN friends to play with and to more easily see what your existing friends are playing. It'll also be less of a hassle to start a party.

Parents will be happy to learn that they'll now be able to block websites and control what games will start based on their age recommendations and ratings. I'm assuming there'll be some kind of PIN so mom and dad can play their Rated M games after the kiddos are in bed.

But the feature that I found most interesting is adding YouTube Streaming support. You can already stream from the PS4 to Twitch, of course, but YouTube is in the process of getting serious about gaming. For instance last week's DOTA 2 International was streamed to both Twitch and YouTube, and a dedicated YouTube Gaming site is in testing down and it features both live video as well as the usual archived clips and shows.

I have nothing against Twitch, but it isn't ideal for PS4 owners just because there is no Twitch app for the PS4; you can only watch PS4 streams. The PS4 does have a YouTube app though. I'm hoping that the app will be updated to emphasize live streams at the same time that streaming to YouTube launches.

Basically I just want an easy way to watch eSports on the PS4 and this new streaming feature suggests some kind of partnership between Sony and Google that might make that happen. Hey I'm selfish.

I won't get too excited until we get some indication from Sony that this leak is legit, but there's nothing in the list of alleged new features that seems outrageous. It sounds like a real update to me. I guess time will tell.

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