Chinese crowdfunded game console manages to rip-off three companies at once

Ouye and games
Credit: Ouye

To my Western eyes, at least, China is the land of cheap knock-offs and often a very casual attitude towards copyright. (I realize that's not a fair representation of all Chinese companies.)

That said, even I was kind of astonished by this project on a Chinese crowd-funding site. It's called the OUYE and it's an Android-based gaming console. So already we've got an issue since the name is so close to that of the OUYA, a pre-existing Android-based gaming console.

Next up is the basic shape of the thing, which looks remarkably similar to Sony's Playstation 4 (and the PS4 has a unique enough design that this can't be a coincidence).

But the company behind this product wasn't content to copy OUYA and Sony, the controller copies the design of the Xbox One controller, with the addition of a few extra buttons.

The dashboard borrows heavily from the Xbox One as well.

Ouye dashboard Ouye

A friend of Kotaku translated some of the text on the page and picked out these details to share:

-This is an Android Micro Console being developed by a Shenzhen company

- It will be a bit more powerful than the Ouya but the specs are a bit dated.

-Kickstarter will open later this month with $15k as the target goal

-Console is expected to cost around $70 to buy with one controller

-The console has had negative feedback from Chinese netizens because this rip off is very very blatant.

-The company said it took them 1 year and 3 months to get this product ready to ship and they spent “6 months on the unique design”..... yes.... unique design.

There's very little chance of this device ever seeing a launch outside of Asia and if it did I doubt I'd recommend or cover it; I'm just sharing it because it so blatantly rips-off these other devices that I find it kind of amusing. The company behind this device truly has no shame. 

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