Get Laplink PCmover Express for free from Microsoft

This app transfers your files and folders to a new PC

Microsoft has partnered with Laplink to offer PCmover Express for free for a limited time. The program makes it easy to transfer your data from an old PC to a new Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC.

To use the program, both your old computer and your new one need to be connected to the internet (the transfer is done through the network rather than over a cable). A step-by-step wizard lets you select which files and folders to transfer and then takes it from there.

The tool can come in handy if you don't store all or any of your files on a cloud storage service and want to skip the extra step of moving your files to an external drive and then onto your new computer.

Note that Laplink PCmover Express won't migrate your programs and program data. For that, you'd need to get the professional version, which costs $30. I used a similar program in the past, however, and if the app works similarly, I'd say you're better off just reinstalling your programs because some settings could get lost or corrupted. Ninite is a godsend when setting up a new computer, by the way, installing popular apps for you in one go.

The free download is available now on Microsoft's site through August 31, 2016 and is only for personal use. You could probably still run the program after the offer expires, however, so it might be worth downloading now for your future new PC transfer needs.

[via NirmalTV]

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