5 great tips for the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6
Credit: IDG News Service/Mikael Ricknas

Want to get more out of you Samsung Galaxy S6? I've got five great tips for you, including disabling bloatware, turbocharging downloads, and more.

Disable bloatware

Bloatware is an unfortunate fact of life for those who own Android smartphones. Bloatware can't be deleted, but you can disable it so that it won't run -- which is the next best thing. It's easy to do. First, go to the App Drawer and tap Edit on the screen's upper-right corner. Then tap either the app itself, or else the folder where the bloatware can be found --- for example, the Verizon folder. If you're tapping a folder, select View apps. Then select the app you want to disable and tap Disable. If there's no folder and you see the app you want to disable, select it and tap Disable.

Turbocharge your downloads

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a great feature for speeding up downloads. It uses LTE and Wi-Fi together, boosting the size of your download pipe. To use it, tap Settings-->More connection settings-->Download booster, and toggle it on.

Boost your sound quality

If you listen to music on your S6 and want better quality --- or different quality --- there's an easy way to do it. Select Settings-->Sound & notifications-->Sound quality and effects-->Adapt Sound. From there you can set up Adapt Sound, which chooses the best sound quality for the conditions in which you listen. You can also choose SoundAlive+ for a surround sound-like quality, or Tube Amp to go retro and get the sound of using an old tube amplifier.

Keep things running smoothly with Smart Manager

Want to delete data, free up storage space, turn on and off power saving mode, kill running apps and processes, and more? Then you'll want to use the Smart Manager. Just go to the App Drawer, look for its icon, and run it. It's got plenty of features, including security scans, checking system resources, and more.

Turn on Do Not Disturb mode

Smartphones are addictive devices. They can also turn you into someone who is ruder than you mean to be, by constantly checking your phone or email while you're with other people. There's a simple way to help kick the habit: Turn on Do Not Disturb mode. When you do that, your calls and alerts will be silenced, and you'll be left in peace. You'll also be able to schedule specific days and times for the mode to turn on automatically, and also allow certain calls through. To do all this, go to Settings-->Do not disturb, toggle it on, and customize how you want it to work.

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