Your Seagate drive could be a hacker's haven. Here's how to protect yourself.

If you've got a Seagate drive, you may be vulnerable to attackers who can steal your data, and possibly more. I've got details on how to check if you're vulnerable, and what to do about it.

The hard drive affected are Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage, Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage, and LaCie FUEL. All are wireless storage devices. They have multiple vulnerabilities, including one that lets an attacker gain remote control access to an undocumented, user account. CERT warns that "Seagate wireless hard-drives provides undocumented Telnet services accessible by using the default credentials of 'root' as username and the default password." The vulnerabilities were first discovered by Tangible Security. The firm notes that the holes have been around since October, 2014, and affect drives with the firmware versions and

Seagate has posted firmware updates that fix the problem. However, to use the tool to find the updates, you'll first need to find out the kind of drive you have, and its serial number. If you can't find them, download Seagate's Drive Detect software and run it. The software tells you not just the serial number, but also the model number and firmware version you've got. You can also head to this Seagate support page for more details.

After that, head to Seagate's Download Finder. That will locate the firmware you need. Install the firmware, and you should be safe.

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