Tech companies with generous paid family leave

Tech companies are leading the way to broaden parental leave benefits

It's no secret that, as a whole, the US stinks when it comes to paid family leave, with just 11 percent of Americans working in the private sector having access to some paid family leave, compared to the rest of the world where all new parents in some countries get paid time off for 52 weeks or more. If you're planning on having a baby any time in the future, though, several tech companies have your back.

Netflix stands out after announcing last month that new parents would get unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave for twelve months after a child's birth or adoption--as much time off as they needed to care for the child and return part-time, full-time, or return and go back out. The policy was met with some criticism after it was revealed the policy didn't apply to all workers, but the open leave policy for moms and dads and the generous 12 months period are huge for working parents. I was lucky enough to work from home for the twelve months after my daughter was born, and that flexibility--even though it wasn't paid time off--was invaluable to me.

The Penny Hoarder has rounded up other companies, mostly technology ones, that offer generous family leave:

  • Microsoft: 12 weeks paid leave + 8 weeks for birth mothers
  • Adobe: 16 weeks for primary caregivers + 10 weeks for birth mothers
  • Google: 12 weeks for primary caregivers + 18 weeks for birth mothers
  • Facebook: 17 weeks for parental leave throughout the year
  • Twitter: 20 weeks for birth mothers,10 weeks for fathers and adoptive parents
  • Thumbtack: 16 weeks for primary caregivers, 6 weeks to secondary caregivers

Tech companies aren't the only ones that offer generous family leave benefits, but in an effort to out-benefit each other (or at least stay competitive and retain their talent), they're making their policies more family-friendly.

Months off to spend with your new family? Priceless. The kind of benefit that breeds company loyalty. If you're starting or extending your family soon, a tech company might be where it's at.

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