3D-printed versions of TSA master luggage keys actually work

You can't trust your luggage locks

In a "whoops!" moment, photos of the TSA's master keys were published by the Washington Post last month, unwittingly showing how a simple picture of keys can compromise security. Now, 3D-printing CAD files are available to download on GitHub and one 3D-printer owner has found that you can reproduce master luggage keys in minutes and open TSA-approved locks.

As Wired reports, Unix administrator Bernard Bolduc printed one of the keys in a few minutes on his 3D printer and was able to immediately open a TSA-approved luggage lock with the cheap plastic key. It worked on the first try, with no modifications to the copycat key needed. 

Two lessons here: Don't trust luggage locks. And, in this age of 3D printing, don't post photos of anything you don't want reproduced.

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