Microsoft announces Windows 10 hardware event for Oct 6th.

Last week Apple introduced the iPad Pro, a 12.9" iPad meant for getting work done. They also announced an optional stylus and keyboard cover. It took Internet jokesters about 10 seconds to start referring to it as the Apple Surface because at least at a casual glance it looks very much like a Microsoft Surface when set up with the Smart Keyboard and the stylus laying nearby.

It's still too early to pre-order an iPad Pro (it ships in November) and that might be good news because Microsoft just announced a media event for October 6th. The company says the event is to showcase first party Windows 10 devices. The general consensus among tech bloggers is that this means the Surface Pro 4 (as well as a couple of Windows phones).

No one seems to have gotten any good leaks on exactly what the Surface Pro will offer, though. We know from a Microsoft Surface blog that the Type Cover and docking stations from the Surface Pro 3 will work with the new device so I don't expect to see any radical change in form factor.

We can assume Surface Pro 4 will be faster than the 3, and I'm hoping it will be lighter and thinner as well. I have a Surface Pro 3 and while it is an awesome living room and office tablet, it's too heavy to be a great bedroom tablet; I can't bring myself to lay in bed holding up this thick, heavy (relative to other tablets) slab. I don't really have any other major complaints, though as always the proprietary charging solution is kind of a bummer.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you've been weighing the iPad Pro against the Surface Pro 3 and trying to decide which is the best choice for you, it's time to take a breather. Put that project on the back burner for three weeks and then compare the iPad Pro to whatever Microsoft brings to their event in three weeks.

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