iOS 9 is here (sort of): 2 things to know

Before you try to update to iOS 9....

Apple has released its latest mobile operating system version, iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad. In the rush to get it, though, lots of people are getting "software update failed" messages.

Don't worry. Apple Support has tweeted:

Please be patient w/ #iOS9 as due to the overwhelming numbers of downloads, it may not download right away. Thanks!

No need to send an SOS for iOS. This happens every year when Apple releases a new update, and it's pretty frustrating when you see the news that it's now "available." In any case, just wait.

While you're waiting, it's a good time to back up your iPhone or iPad and check your available free space. Luckily this year the update requires only 1.3GB of free space, the Wall Street Journal reports, compared to iOS 8's 4.6 GB requirement. (I always feel like I have to remove so many files and apps to get an update installed--we're always at the limit). If you have an iPhone with just 16GB of total space, every GB counts.

Other than these two things (patience, space requirements), iOS 9, although not a groundbreaking update, is worth installing for things like multitasking in iPad, the new News app, a low power mode, and even just being able to search within Settings. Take a look at some other new features in iOS 9 here.

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