The NFL comes to TuneIn while iHeartRadio now offers a channel of your favorite music

While Spotify and (lately anyway) Apple Music get the lion's share of press coverage, there are a lot of other streaming audio services out there. Today I've got news bites from two of them.

TuneIn introduced an $8/month Premium tier back in August, adding ad-free music, audio books and Major League Baseball and Premier League football play-by-play coverage. I covered the initial Premium rollout if you want more details. 

Now TuneIn is adding NFL coverage. Premium subscribers will get play-by-play radio coverage of every game from all 32 NFL teams, including Spanish language versions when available. Additionally TuneIn has added a 24/7 channel called NFL on TuneIn. That's available to everyone; you can listen via browser right now. 

The TuneIn blog has more details about the NFL on TuneIn. 

The other news today is from iHeartRadio. Before I get into the news, I have to say I'm pretty new to this service and I'm still trying to figure out their business model. There's no way to subscribe that I can find, but a lot of the stations I listen to are ad-free. I'm not complaining mind you, but how are they paying the bills? In some cases they're broadcasting 'traditional' radio stations and those do have ads, but there's plenty of ad-free content on the service.

Yesterday iHeartRadio announced "My Favorites Radio." It's basically a custom playlist based on your history with the service. By tagging other stations as Favorites and giving songs a thumbs up or thumbs down, iHeartRadio learns your tastes and generates a playlist for you. If it plays something you don't like, just give it the thumbs down to get rid of it.

It's certainly not a unique feature (many other streaming services offer the same kind of feature) but it is a welcome one and one more reason to stop paying a subscription fee elsewhere in favor of listening for free on iHeartRadio.

It's worth noting I had to open the web version of the service to find my Favorites station; the Windows 10 app, at least, hasn't been updated yet. You can learn more about this feature on the iHeartRadio blog

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