Finally -- the latest OS X El Capitan fixes Office 2016 for Mac crashes

office 2016 for mac is here 4

If you're one of the many people for whom El Capitan essentially killed Office 2016 for the Mac, you've finally got a fix. OS X 10.11.1 is out, and it appears to fix the problem.

When El Capitan was released, countless people (including me) found that Office 2016 for the Mac became unusable. Crashes and the dreaded spinning beach ball of death became the norm. Running Outlook was the biggest problem, but other Office apps crashed as well. Apple was mum, and Microsoft blamed Apple for it, saying on its support site, "We are actively working with Apple to ensure resolution with the next update of OS X 10.11 El Capitan."

Meanwhile, Office for Mac 2016 users vented their ire on support forums, with tens of thousands of messages complaining about the issue.

Installing the new OS X 10.11.1 seems to solve the problem. Microsoft staffers took to message boards to tell people to upgrade to it, Computerworld reports. It quotes Faisal Jeelani, a member of the Outlook for Mac team as writing on a thread, "Hello Everyone, Apple released the latest version of El Capitan this morning (10.11.1), please ensure that you are running the latest version of Office (15.15) and El Capitan (10.11.1)."

Many people have reported the fix works. So if you've had the problem, install the fix right away. You'll likely be able to start running Office 2016 for Mac and say good-bye to the spinning beach ball of death.

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