Here are the 10 most vulnerable programs on your PC

Wonder which PC software is most exposed to dangers? Secunia PSI just released the list of the most exposed ten. I've got the list and info about how to keep yourself safe.

Secunia created the list based on scans run by Secunia Personal Software Inspector, which checks PCs for outdated and unpatched software. The latest list looks at PCS in the third quarter of 2015 in the United States.

Secunia lists what it calls the "Top 10 Most Exposed Programs" based on the percentage of PCs which have unpatched versions of them, and the total market share of the programs. So only popular programs will show up on the list. As to why they're "exposed," an upatched app means an insecure app because it doesn't have the latest security patches installed. For each program, Secunia also lists the number of vulnerabilities it has if it's unpatched.

Note that Secunia considers each version of an application as separate. So, for example, Microsoft .NET Framework shows up on the list two separate times --- one the 3.x version, and one the 4.x version.

Here's the top ten list:

  1. Apple QuickTime 7.x
  2. Apple iTunes 12.x
  3. Adobe Reader X 10.x
  4. Oracle Java JRE 1.8.x/8.x
  5. Adobe Reader XI 11.x
  6. VLC Media Player 2.x
  7. Adobe Shockwave Player 12.x
  8. Mozilla Firefox 38.x
  9. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.x
  10. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x

As to how to protect yourself, it's simple: Patch every one of those programs. Immediately.

Unpatched programs aren't the only danger. So are programs that have reached end-of-life --- that is, the software maker no longer issues patches for them and no longer supports them. Secunia has a list of them as well. At the top of the list is Adobe Flash Player 18.x. Delete it and others on the list right away.

Here's where to get the full report.

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