Gest is a wearable keyboard and mouse replacement currently on Kickstarter

Credit: Gest

The concept of using motion controls for gadgets and computers seems on the cusp of a breakthrough. We've seen simple things like the Nintendo Wii gaming console's motion controls for gaming, but as of yet there has been no similar major success for getting work done.

We've talked about Leap Motion here before. It's a sensor that tracks your hands in 3D space and converts hand movements into computer controls. My experience with Leap Motion is that it's kind of neat to play around with but trying to do work lead to both fatigue and frustration. That said, Leap continues to work to refine the device.

Now there's another company taking a crack at motion controls in a very different way. Gest is a Kickstarter project that wants to replace your keyboard and mouse with a device that you wear on your hand. The bulk of the gadget sits on the back of your hand (held via a strap around your palm), and there are 4 half-rings that you wear on your fingers; they attach to the main unit via short wires.

Each Gest (you can wear two if you like) houses 15 sensors that communicate hand and finger position. You can move a mouse cursor by pointing, twitch a finger to switch apps, and so forth. At least that's the promise.

Gest also strikes me as potentially being a good controller for VR applications, though that doesn't seem to be a primary focus at the moment.

When Gest ships (planned for November 2016) it'll cost $200 but a $175 pledge now will secure one (there's a $149 Early Bird tier too, if any are still available by the time you read this). That seems like a lot to spend on an unproven device; I think I'll wait for the final product and the reviews that come with it. But then, I have a Leap Motion sitting here gathering dust so maybe it's a matter of once bit, twice shy.

If you want to learn a bit more about Gest both The Verge and TechTimes have done posts about it.

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