5 top free Windows 10 apps for system speedups and more

Credit: Microsoft

Got a Windows 10 machine? Then you want these five great free Windows apps that will make it run faster, clean up your PC, play any media file, and more. Note that they'll work on other versions of Windows as well.

VLC Media Player

With Windows Media Center missing in action in Windows 10, you need a good media player. And it doesn't get any better than VLC Media Player. It'll play pretty much any video file format you'll ever come across, and also does a great job of converting between file formats, recording media, and playing streaming media. You can also watch DVDs. It's lightweight, with a simple, stripped-down interface.


Want to keep your PC clean, free of junk and unnecessary files? Then you want CCleaner. It does a great job of cleaning out what you don't want. It kills cookies, unnecessary Internet files, chkdsk file fragments, temporary files, browsing history, and more. There's also a Registry-cleaning tool.


If you're looking for a lightweight, simple photo and file viewer that does simple editing chores as well, give Irfanview a try. It display files lightning fast and lets you quickly do quick-and-dirty editing tasks, such as file conversion, cropping, optimizing, and more. I use this one practically every day.


If you want to speed up startup, and don't mind an overly techie program, Autoruns is what you want. It delves deeper than any other utility, and shows what programs run during bootup and login, including system processes, built-in Windows applications, media players, and more. You can also use the program to stop them from automatically running.  It runs as a simple .exe, so needs on installation.

Secunia PSI

Your system is most likely riddled with software that hasn't been patched or updated, or whose makers no longer support it. That unpatched software can be a serious security threat. And the software may be buggy as well. Secunia PSI solves the problem. It tells you what's out of date on your system, and helps you quickly update it.

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