25 Valentine's Day gifts for your favorite geeks

Check out Valentine's Day gift ideas inspired by tech, science and math

valentines day 2016
Credit: Steve Sauer
Think different

Flowers, jewelry, candy – we've found geeky versions of today's go-to Valentine's Day gifts for sweethearts who dig science, math and technology.

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couple cookie cutter
Credit: Copy Pastry
Bake your heart out

Imagine a custom cookie cutter ($73.13) inspired by a photo of you and your Valentine. Etsy shop Copy Pastry uses 3D printing to make it happen.

geeky bracelet set
Credit: KnotworkShop
Imperfect love

No one's perfect, and these aluminum bracelets celebrate the flaws in all of us. The set ($30 from Etsy shop KnotworkShop) includes three bangles, hand-stamped with "still in beta," "glitchy," and "404 not found."

hydro planter
Credit: Modern Sprout
Just add water

There’s no soil in this top-fed hydroponic system, which uses a pump to move water and nutrients from a reservoir up to plant roots, where the roots take what they need and the rest is returned to the reservoir. Users can pre-program a feeding schedule based on the types of plants they’re growing. The three-pot hydro planter with a chalkboard finish is $139 from Modern Sprout.

slide rule cuff
Credit: Neurons Not Included
Retro rules

Go for old-school geekery with the slide rule cuff ($25) from Etsy shop Neurons Not Included. The design is printed onto the aluminum bracelet, which can be adjusted to fit.

hubble image 25th anniversary
Credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
To the moon and back

Think big without breaking the bank. Gallery-quality images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope can be downloaded for free. Send the files to a print lab, and you can have breathtaking prints for just a few dollars. Pictured is an image of the star cluster Westerlund 2.

heart tablet stand
Credit: Neat Niche in Wood
Have a heart

Simple and elegant, the heart tablet stand ($25) from Etsy shop Neat Niche in Wood is handmade from kiln-dried tulipwood and finished with a mix of paint and metallic waxes.

harley pajamas
Credit: ThinkGeek
Crazy love

Inspired by DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, these ombre pajama pants have the supervillain’s three-diamond logo on the left hip. Grab ‘em while they’re on sale: $19.99 via ThinkGeek.

dandelion chocolate class
Credit: Dandelion Chocolate
Chocolate 101

Instead of buying chocolates that will be gone in a flash, how about treating your valentine to a chocolate-making class? If you’re in the San Francisco area, Dandelion Chocolate is the place to go. Classes start at $50.

morse code necklace
Credit: Crave Jewelry Design
Short and sweet

Share a sweet sentiment with a customized Morse code necklace from Etsy shop Crave Jewelry Design. The square pendant ($50) will fit up to 12 characters – so brevity counts. 

patent posters
Credit: PatentPrints
Patently cool

Etsy shop PatentPrints offers all kinds of posters and t-shirts with illustrations of patents that made history – from Polaroid cameras ($7 for an 8x10 print) and boom boxes ($7 for an 8x10 print) to deep sea diving suits and Gibson guitars.

robot id badge holder
Credit: Orange Blossoms
Be my robot

Jazz up your valentine’s business attire with a robot ID badge holder ($6.75 via Etsy shop Orange Blossoms). Beneath the covered button is a plastic badge reel with a retractable cord that’s roughly 24 inches long.

cassiopeia constellation necklace
Credit: Largento Lab
Starry nights

Give your gal the stars with a Cassiopeia constellation necklace. The oval pendant is made from silver, and you can choose the color of the titanium stars and hoop ($45 from Etsy shop Largento Lab).

coffee fingerless gloves
Credit: Zen And Coffee
For the love of coffee

Is your valentine hooked on java? Celebrate the love with caffeinated arm warmers ($36) from Etsy shop Zen And Coffee, which makes a slew of unique arm warmers and fingerless gloves.

atelier by ella mobile
Credit: Atelier By Ella
Going mobile

Ponder the physics or simply enjoy the poetry of Atelier By Ella’s paper mobiles. The kinetic hanging mobile ($67 via Etsy) is the perfect hue for Valentine’s Day.

mollaspace storage boxes
Credit: MollaSpace
Retro reorg

Create a retro vibe – and hide the clutter -- with canvas storage bins from MollaSpace. They’re designed to look like a clock, radio, speaker, TV, and sets of books and encyclopedias (prices range from $10 to $20 for individual lidded bins).

steel orchid bracelet
Credit: AndreeChenier
Flower power

A 3D-printed flower bracelet won't wilt like most floral arrangements. Designed by AndreeChenier, the steel orchid bracelet in polished gold steel is $165 via Shapeways.

heart measuring spoons
Credit: Beehive Handmade
Cooking with hearts

A spoonful of sugar is even sweeter when it comes from hand-cast heart measuring spoons ($48), created by Etsy shop Beehive Handmade.

ora pendant
Credit: Bathsheba Sculpture
Organic inspiration

Unusual and intriguing – if that’s your valentine’s style, go for the 3D-printed Ora pendant from Bathsheba Sculpture, a Shapeways shop ($30 for the polished bronze steel version).

3d printed geometric planter
Credit: MeshCloud
12-faced planter

Savor the geometric symmetry of the dodecahedron planter ($17.95 from Etsy shop MeshCloud), made from 3D-printed plastic. The upper bars provide support for sprawling desk plants.

we found each other puzzle
Credit: Uncommon Goods
Love you to pieces

Do you remember where you met your valentine? Capture the scene in a custom We Found Each Other puzzle ($129 via Uncommon Goods). Each 300-piece jigsaw puzzle displays an aerial view of a one-square-mile location.

labyrinthine die6
Credit: Made by Wombat
Lucky dice

Chuck Stover is the creative talent behind Made by Wombat, a Shapeways shop that specializes in 3D-printed dice. You can trace a single path through the maze that defines his labyrinthine die ($54 for the polished bronze steel version); the maze travels from the "1" side to the "6" side, passing through each of the numbers in order.

fingerless heart gloves
Credit: Talkingloves
Cold hands, warm heart

Need to text or type? Help your valentine stay warm yet dextrous with fingerless heart gloves ($32) from Etsy shop Talkingloves.

fossil leaf cuff
Credit: Uncommon Goods
Flora that won’t fade

Lisa and Sean Reico created the fossil leaf cuff from dried leaves encased between two panels of eco-friendly resin ($34 via Uncommon Goods).

labyrinth bitmap blanket
Credit: A+R
Pixilated textiles

Keep your Valentine cozy with the Labyrinth Deep Orange Bitmap Blanket ($395 via A+R). The creator is Spanish artist and designer Cristian Zuzunaga, whose collection of digitally patterned blankets depicts some of his favorite cities.

ue roll speaker
Credit: Ultimate Ears
Roll with it

The UE ROLL ($99.99 from Ultimate Ears) is a rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s designed to be dunked, dropped and tossed while you’re on the go. It comes with a bungee cord so you can hang or strap it to whatever’s convenient.