New products of the week 3.20.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as NetMotion and Barracuda.

Credit: SolarWinds
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Credit: asavie
Asavie Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit

Key features: Start building complete Industrial IoT solutions with the Asavie Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit. Comprised of Asavie PassBridge IoT Connectivity management platform with the Dell Edge Gateway and EpiSensor industrial sensors. More info.

032017 nlyte
Credit: nlyte
Nlyte Command Center

Key features: Expanding Nlyte’s leading DCIM softwarecapabilities,Command Center allows datacenter operators remote control of devices from single pane-of-glass console, supporting Modbus, SNMP devices, CRAC, UPS, lights, thermostats and desktops. More info.

Credit: asg
Mobius 7.0

Key features: Mobius 7.0 delivers policy-driven content services to manage any content type in accordance with end-user processes and information governance rules in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments. More info.

Credit: barracuda
Barracuda Backup LiveBoot 2.0

Key features – LiveBoot 2.0 for Barracuda Backup gives organizations protecting VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments the option to leverage Barracuda Backup or the Barracuda Cloud if their virtual environment becomes unavailable. More info.

Credit: bluedata
BlueData EPIC spring release

Key features: This release delivers the ability to run Big Data workloads in a hybrid architecture — both on-premises and in the public cloud — from a common self-service user interface and administrative console. More info.

Credit: cybergrx
CyberGRX Exchange

Key features: The CyberGRX Exchange is the first cyber risk assessment exchange for sharing third-party security information. It provides enterprises instant access to updated risk assessments and advanced analytics to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor third parties and empower collaborations that minimize risk. More info.

Credit: cloudvelox
One Hybrid Cloud 4.0

Pricing: Cloud Migration: $350/server; Cloud DR: $1100/server/year; Cloud Dev/Test: $750/server/year

Key features: One Hybrid Cloud 4.0 enhances management and control capabilities for enterprises to avoid unexpected costs, reduce complexity, and manage successful mass migrations to the cloud. More info.

Credit: fatpipe
FatPipe SD-WAN platform (Version 9)

Key features: Eliminates the need for complex routers and represents the first fully integrated SDN and SD-WAN product. Supports Layer 2 and 3 routed and switched topologies and all common cloud platforms. More info.

digital shadows
Credit: digital shadows

Key features: Digital Shadows SearchLight digital risk management service includes new enhancements to help organizations detect and respond to mobile application threats against their employees and consumers. More info.

Credit: linuxacademy
Cloud Assessments

Key features: Cloud Assessments allows enterprises to test and train IT teams, as well as job candidates, on their technology. Individuals use it to prove skills, earn digital badges and micro certifications. More info.

Credit: kaseya
Kaseya VSA 9.4

Key features: VSA 9.4 delivers cross-platform support for Windows, macOS and Linux, allowing comprehensive IT systems management across any environment, both on-premise or in the cloud. More info.

Credit: neurala
Neurala Developer’s Program

Key features: The Neurala Developers Program lets product developers significantly accelerate the deployment of AI applications without a team of Ph.D. researchers, an extensive evaluation of different tools or years of costly R&D with the Neurala Developers Program. More info.

Credit: nodesource
NodeSource Certified Modules

Key features: NodeSource Certified Modules is the secure, reliable way to take advantage of the massive ecosystem of packages available for Node.js users. More info.

Credit: mapr
MapR Edge

Key features: Capturing, processing, and analyzing Internet-of-Things (IoT) data close to the sources, MapR Edge provides local computing power, data protection, and reliable centralized data aggregation to operationalize insights at the edge. More info.

Credit: netmotion
NetMotion Diagnostics

Key features: Diagnostics 4.0 is the first mobile intelligence and analytics solution that captures robust network and security data—Wi-Fi and carrier networks, inside/outside the firewall— for deploying and managing mobile employees. More info.

Credit: rainforest
Rainforest Exploratory

Key features: Exploratory allows teams to leverage a tester army to “explore” code freely, finding issues against which new tests can be written or to set up a series of test suites. More info.

secret double octopus
Credit: secret double octopus
Octopus Authenticator

Key features - High resilience authenticator for internal and external use; OTP-free design outclasses OTP based solutions with security and usability advantages; the only push-based authenticator shielded against MITM and key theft. More info.

server density
Credit: server density
Cloud Status

Key features: An iOS app that makes it easy to receive real-time system status updates and alerts for cloud services – like AWS, Azure, Google and others. No account or ID is required. More info.

Credit: raritan
Raritan PX intelligent Rack PDUs (iPDUs)

Key features: Besides distributing power in datacenters reliably, the iPDUs – with a new advanced processor – gather and analyze data on power usage and capacity, and environmental health to ensure uptime. Redundant networking, power sharing, and a Gigabit Ethernet port also are new. More info.

Credit: redhat
JBoss Fuse integration services for OpenShift

Key features: The latest release of Red Hat's containerized integration services simplifies the transition for customers looking to adopt containerized infrastructure for existing application workloads, as well as adds support for SpringBoot and integration with microservices frameworks such as Hystrix and Zipkin. More info.

Credit: simility
Adaptive 3-D Security

Key features: invokes Adaptive 3-D secure authentication only for dynamically identified high-risk transactions, which are potentially fraudulent in nature, reducing customer abandonment, while securing chargeback protection for the merchants. More info.

Credit: wti
Metered Switched C13 PDU

Key features: Remote OOB reboot control and current monitoring for 208V AC network equipment. Features C20 power inlet, eight switched, metered C13 outlets, authentication and security features plus monitoring and alarm capbilities. More info.

Credit: solarwinds
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12.1

Key features: New features include support for Cisco Meraki wireless access points, enhanced network path monitoring within NetPath, and integration with the new SolarWinds PerfStack dashboard. More info.

Credit: yottaa
Rapid CTRL

Key features: Rapid CTRL is a SaaS solution that helps online retailers improve web performance by better managing and sequencing third party eCommerce applications that impact web page load speeds. More info.

Credit: zerofox
ZeroFOX Brand Protection

Key features: ZeroFOX Brand Protection leverages the top-ranked ZeroFOX Security Platform to provide real-time visibility and control to find and eliminate threats targeting businesses’ brands, customers and employees. More info.

Credit: flock

Pricing: Free plan: $0; Free for lifetime; Pro plan: $3 per user per month; Enterprise: from $3 per user per month.

Key features: Favorites App - This app lets users bookmark important messages in a chat so that they can get back to it at a later time by simply viewing saved information on the Flock sidebar.
Shared To-Dos App - While users could always create to-dos, the new shared To-Dos app lets users assign tasks with due dates to anyone, including themselves.
Announcement Channel - Team admins can use this one-way channel to broadcast information that impacts entire teams, departments or companies.
Public Channels - Users, especially those within large and growing teams, can use this new feature to easily discover and join meaningful conversations that are of interest to them within the team.
Multilingual Support - Multilingual support for our users worldwide
More info.

Credit: shopify
Shyp + Kit

Key features: Simplified fulfillment for Shopify merchants. Kit sends alerts when orders are ready to ship and arranges Shyp pick-ups. You can talk to Kit through SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. More info.