Mitch Betts

Executive Editor

Mitch Betts is an executive editor at IDG Enterprise. He was previously executive editor of CIO and Computerworld magazines.

Buyer’s Guide: Mobile app development services can be risky

Mobile apps require customer-first thinking

CIOs need to focus on the ‘mobile moments' when consumers or employees want to get something done immediately.

Pioneering companies enter a new data analytics phase

Pioneering companies enter a new data analytics phase

Analytics 3.0 will go beyond internal use and become a driver of external products and services.

Study links IT spending to profits

New research finds a link between IT spending and corporate profitability, but only for IT projects that are focused on revenue growth. preps for flood of census queries

The government's release of the 1940 census will give researchers access to 130 million records. has been preparing for the expected spike in traffic at its website, while applying artificial intelligence to help people...

SaaS purchases often happen outside IT's realm

Much of SaaS purchasing comes from business groups outside of the IT department, according to a Forrester Research report.

Analytics can focus safety programs

Deloitte Consulting says that predictive analytics and data mining can focus corporate safety programs on high-risk tasks and people.

How to integrate a business in 90 days

Avnet's M&A playbook allows it to bring acquired companies -- and their IT systems -- into the fold with 'deliberate speed' -- usually within 90 days.

Cultural barriers stymie IT-led innovation

A hot topic among CIOs and management consultants is the notion that IT departments should play a major role in developing new products, entering new markets or improving customer service.Consultants call this "IT-driven business...

Banks can reap big profits from mobile services

Leading-edge banks are earning additional revenue by enabling customers to use mobile devices to transfer money, pay utility bills, apply for credit or trade stocks, according to a TowerGroup study commissioned by Accenture PLC that...

Footwear, fashion driving RFID growth

Retailers are rapidly deploying systems that support item-level RFID tagging of apparel and footwear, according to an ABI Research report released earlier this month.The radio frequency identification systems "allow apparel retailers...

Enterprise App Stores: A Good Idea?

Should employees be able to download enterprise applications just like smartphone users download consumer software from online app stores?That's a question some IT shops and software vendors are pondering, according to a Jan. 10 blog...

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