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Andy Patrizio is a freelance journalist based in southern California who has covered the computer industry for 20 years and has built every x86 PC he’s ever owned, laptops not included.

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Purported Skylake release schedule leaked

A Chinese web site has posted what it claims is the launch schedule for Intel's upcoming new generation of CPUs, the 14-nanometer Skylake processor. If this list is accurate, it will be a much more steady rollout than the chaotic...

Could Dish Network be your next cellular provider?

Earlier this year, Dish Network, a satellite TV provider, spent a fortune to acquire wireless spectrum licenses from a government auction, outbidding Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The company now sits on an estimated $50...

WS2012 vs. WS2008 vs. Azure: Microsoft options compared

With end-of-support looming for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012 seems like the obvious choice, but it's not the only one -- and maybe not the best one for you.

WS2003 migration: On-premises, cloud, or hybrid? How to choose

Many firms in the middle of making the transition from Windows Server 2003 are debating not only what OS to deploy but also where to deploy their applications and their data. Targeting Windows Server 2012 seems like the obvious choice...

Intel, Altera resume merger talks

Weeks after the merger talks collapsed, Intel and Altera are talking merger again after Altera got a kick in the rear from some major shareholders. The New York Post, citing a source with "direct knowledge of the talks," says that...

Intel finds a new partner for FPGA processors in eASIC

After having its very generous offer to Altera rejected, Intel has found another FPGA partner in eASIC. The two firms announced they plan to develop integrated products with their respective technologies for improved performance...

No, you won't lose data on your SSD if you leave it off for a week.

I try not to be too sanctimonious about clickbait stories because I'm guilty of that sin more than a few times. But one story in the International Business Times is really rubbing me the wrong way. It opens with the hysterical...

Planning your WS2003 migration: Tips and resources

Even if you’re not planning to migrate off of Windows Server 2003 before support ends in July, you should still begin preparing for the eventual move.

6 implications of not migrating off of Windows Server 2003

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Bracing for impact: How to prepare for the end of WS2003 if migration isn't an option

For organizations not making the move but looking to limit potential exposure, there are some steps you can take.

An estimated 2.7 million servers will still be running WS2003 when support ends. Here's what's at risk.

For firms that will not make the move by July, it falls on them to protect and harden their servers.

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