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Andy Patrizio is a freelance journalist based in southern California who has covered the computer industry for 20 years and has built every x86 PC he’s ever owned, laptops not included.

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How to conquer the SQL Server 2005 migration challenge

How to avoid a data center overrun with idle servers

A third of data center servers are not productive. Here's why the problem exists, and what to do about it.

3D printed objects may be hazardous to your health

Study finds the parts have toxic chemicals.

Intel offers more insight on its 3D memory

While the news of Oracle's new M7 Sparc processors got the lion's share of attention at last week's Oracle OpenWorld, Intel made some pretty big news of its own that a lot of people missed. Intel and Micron Technology announced 3D...

Heroes and villains: 11 instances of 4chan vengeance played out in real life

Heroes and villains: 11 instances of 4chan vengeance played out in real life

What happens on 4chan hasn't always stayed on 4chan -- for better and worse.

AMD's Keller rumored to be headed to Samsung

Jim Keller, the well-regarded CPU architect who just departed AMD after completing his work on the new Zen microarchitecture, is rumored to be resurfacing at Samsung's Austin, Texas office, where he will work on mobile chips. The...

AMD has a mystery product called 'Magnum'

The eagle-eyed folks at WCCFTech spotted something strange in the shipping manifests for Zauba, an Indian shipping firm. The entry is an AMD product codenamed "Magnum," with references to FPGA and DTV, two acronyms that don't usually...

AMD will make a big GPU push next year

It can't be a whole lot of fun around AMD these days, with declining sales and layoffs. But the company is not going to roll over and die. During the earnings call to discuss its painful third quarter, top executives laid out...

There may finally be Intel inside the iPhone

Intel has spun its wheels for years with the mobile market and has had little to show for it, but its purchase of Infineon four years ago may be ready to pay off. Infineon made modem chips, which are used in every cell phone to...

Why the Apple A9 is different from Samsung and TSMC

After the Internet lit up last week over stories that the iPhone 6S has different levels of performance due to the different CPUs, a whole slew of new tests and benchmarks are being run to find a more definitive conclusion and...

The overlooked element of Qualcomm's server announcement

Qualcomm arrived late to the ARM server party last week with its 24-core processor aimed at the server market. Lost in the hoopla, though, was a second bit of news that could be far more impactful. ARM servers have been far more...

Did you get the best chip in your iPhone 6S?

With the release of the iPhone 6S, it has come to light that Apple is splitting the manufacture of its A9 processor between Samsung, its hated rival and at the same time business partner, and TSMC, the leading chip manufacturing...

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