Brian Proffitt

10 Joomla extension modules for easier and better websites

A collection of 10 diverse Joomla extensions that can help you build and maintain your sites.

Why Linux desktop UIs don't matter anymore

Today's computer users don't care much about interface bling... just get them to their apps safely. This is something Linux can do every well.

Government and open source's open relationship

While the U.S. government has historically leaned towards the use open source software, lately there have been a few signs to remind us the government can still very much be a proprietary software consumer. Is the love affair with...

How Linux makes the post-desktop world possible

Windows 8 and the direction that personal computing seems to be heading represents a big opportunity for Linux… but perhaps not the one you're thinking of.

Not even Microsoft love for Internet Explorer

Microsoft is on the verge of getting fined for violating a 2009 EU agreement to give Windows user browser choice. Are they really that worried about Internet Explorer?

OpenOffice's time to shine

Apache OpenOffice's top-level project status within the Apache Software Foundation is good news, but it also means that it's time to put up or shut up for OpenOffice innovation.

Ubuntu 12.10 brings the cloud Juju

The new release of Ubuntu has gotten a lot of press on the desktop's integration of commercial content and web information, the interface, and Unity interface, but the real jewel of this updated version is all about the cloud.

Munich shifts to LibreOffice

The city of Munich, which has long been a big user for Linux and open source software, has shifted its migration-to-OpenOffice plans and is now starting to deploy LibreOffice instead.

Free Software Foundation, the irony phone is ringing

The Free Software Foundation has launched a public certification effort for hardware that "will do as much as possible to respect your freedom and your privacy, and will ensure that you have control over your device."

UEFI Secure Boot downgraded to PITA

The Linux Foundation has announced its own solution to the problem of UEFI Secure Boot loading this week, a solution on its way to helping community distros and securing the future of Linux on the desktop for now.

Beyond the hype of cloud computing

In terms of actual pace of deployment, three popular open source cloud computing platforms are not exactly seeing growth to match the hype of cloud.

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