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Java: The once and future king of Internet programming

Unfinished business:  Java is a 20-year-old grown-up with bright prospects ahead

Unfinished business: Java is a 20-year-old grown-up with bright prospects ahead

What have the last 20 years taught us about Java in 2035?

Little-known real-time standard impacts broad span of Java applications

Little-known real-time standard impacts broad span of Java applications

Real-time Specification for Java 2.0, currently in public review, has implications for mobile computing, massive scaling, and embedded programming for IoT.

Four reasons to jump to HTML5

Much of the coverage of HTML5 over the last couple of years has focused its role in the grand strategy of corporate combat: will Apple standardize on HTML5? Is Google counteracting with its support of Flash?

Animation standards ready to use

'Ever needed to animate a sequence of images, and run into the historical irritation that only GIF defines an effective standard for animation? In fact, there are other choices; if you're viewing this particular page through Safari,...

Database round-up

Last week, I wrote a brief tip about usage of the Oracle RDBMS. I've had a lot of database business to do since then; here are highlights worth sharing: What computing language is it most important for you to learn? My best answer...

Naked Oracle connections

'Want to connect to Oracle without tnsnames.ora or sqlnet.ora? I'll show you how.As a developer, the main slices of time I spend with Oracle go to: figuring out a configuration that gives me any sort of workable...

PDF bookmarks for the end-user

We do a lot with PDFs in our Web applications: while we occasionally just deliver them as static documents, as nearly all sites do, the majority of our downloads are dynamically-generated, customized for the specific needs and...

Valuable conferences in computing

Live conferences occasionally are worth the horrendous travel costs they often entail. Here are three about which I have at least peripheral knowledge: The just-concluded EuroTcl nicely demonstrated that Strasbourg is one of the...

Oversimplification of computing concepts leads to error

"Performance" is multi-dimensional; so is "compatibility" and "scalability"... Well, whatever it is, it surely tells us more than a single bit of information!People often write in such simplistic extremes, and I'm starting to notice...

Documentation and imagination crucial to SVG

(Note: Images not visible in Internet Explorer before version 9.)SVG technology is in place; now it's time to use it.While most chatter about SVG and related HTML5 standards focuses on "browser demographics" of the "will Webkit-based...

How to repair a full Unix directory

A reader wrote me this week that his bash scripts were complaining "out of memory"; what should he do? It didn't take long to get him moving again.While my colleague Sandra Henry-Stocker usually covers this territory in her "Unix as...

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