CIO Executive Council

The CIO Executive Council is comprised of hundreds of the world's leading chief information officers who together form the most unbiased and reality-tested peer-advisory resource available to the profession. We have no vendors, no consultants or analysts, no hidden agendas. Just IT leaders from Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations, CIO Hall of Fame veterans, rising stars, early adopters and conservatives, all committed to help members save time and money, avoid mistakes and make better leadership decisions. Collectively, the Council is a bellwether for the profession and voice of influence in the IT industry, all in the name of delivering to our enterprises exceptional and quantifiable value from information technology.

IT leaders share tips on managing security risks

Too much security -- or too little -- could bankrupt a company. These IT executives offer advice on finding the right balance.

3 ways CIOs can adapt to the Millennial workforce

Three CIOs offer examples of how they are accommodating younger workers.

3 CIOs reveal how they got started with predictive analytics

Want to succeed with predictive analytics? These CIOs say it takes a lot of front-end data work and angst about cultural change.

Toyota Goes All-in With Social Media Monitoring

Toyota's CIO says the carmaker analyzes social media commentary to learn what customers think of specific vehicles, identify quality problems and increase the accuracy of sales predictions

3 Strategies for How to Demonstrate IT's Value

These CIOs show IT's business value by measuring sales growth, customer impact and risk mitigation

How to Foster an IT Youth Movement

These CIOs are engaging the next generation of IT workers with programs that energize, inspire and educate young students about the real world of IT.

3 ways to jump-start IT innovation

To spark valuable new business ideas, these three CIOs are trying out creative techniques.

IT offshoring still works, if you're careful

Three CIOs say that the benefits of offshore outsourcing still resonate—if you learn from previous missteps and manage the risks

CIOs give vendors low marks on partnership

A new index from the CIO Executive Council rates IT suppliers on 20 characteristics of truly strategic partners

Create new corporate value

Members from the CIO Executive Council weigh in on how to optimize infrastructure to meet changing business needs. Add your opinion and advice.

Go beyond the lowest bidders to make your vendors into partners

Members from the CIO Executive Council weigh in how to reboot vendors' mind-sets to get away from the same old outsourcing contracts.

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