Dan Blacharski

Top technology predictions for 2013, part one

Crowdfunding, home entertainment, and the cloud lead our predictions for tech innovations for the coming year.

How crappy should your product be?

Lean software movement delivers high quality, in steps.

Product placement and the future of gaming

Putting real products in social game interfaces helps to keep the games (and their developers) alive.

Kickstarter says they're not a store

Kickstarter refines its raison d'etre

Over-the-Top television services continue to evolve

It's no longer just a TV network and Hollywood play

The home entertainment industry pushes, but everybody wants to pull

A new model of content delivery advances the state of couch-potatoism by twenty years.

The unplanned startup: Goodbye detailed planning, hello reactive experimentation

Forget the months of painstakingly detailed planning for startups. The new model is more about reactive experimentation, rather than strategic planning.

How democratization of information affects tech startups

The world of tech startups got a big shakeup in the ‘90s, and it hasn’t been the same since.

Product launch strategies are departing from the mainstream

How did Apple drive the iPhone’s success?

Forbes columnist is off the mark with ageist comments

Should a 52-year-old be launching Internet companies? Sure!

Closing the consumption gap: Making use of the features you have

Doing network management with a social media interface

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