Dan Tynan

Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Mark Zuckerberg was in nappies. A prolific freelance writer whose work has appeared in more than 70 publications, he is the former editor in chief of Yahoo Tech and a longtime contributing editor for InfoWorld and PCWorld.

Power to the parents? The MiiPC doesn't quite deliver

This low-cost Android-powered PC lets parents control their kids' computer use. The MiiPC is a nice idea, but it's not quite ready for prime time.

How do I know that you’re lying? Your throat tattoo gave you away

Google wants to patent electronic tattoos that can measure galvanic skin response and talk to your phone. That body ink could also be a lie detector.

How the NSA is recruiting the next generation of cyber spies

The spooks are looking for a few good geeks -- and they're doing it on places like TechCrunch

Dear Internet bots and sockpuppets: Your days are numbered

BeehiveID analyzes your social media accounts to figure out who's fake and who's real on the Web.

The Truth About Privacy is more frightening than you can imagine

The guys behind the Truth book and other 'patriot' survival guides are not what they seem. They're not even Americans. But they're definitely scary.

Vocativ is mining Facebook posts for news. You got a problem with that?

Flashy new site uses NSA-style data mining tools to identify trends and generate stories. Brace yourself, the future of journalism has arrived.

6 dirty secrets of the IT industry

IT pros blow the whistle on the less-than-white lies and dark sides of the tech business.

The Box.com data debacle part deux: Am I a total idiot, or what?

Some readers say I should have known better than to use a cloud service to store and share files. Here's what I have to say about that.

How Box.com allowed a complete stranger to delete all my files

Six months ago the cloud storage service gave control over my account to someone else, who then nuked it. Fortunately, my data survived.

Does this browser make me look fat?

I am being stalked by ads for plus-sized women’s clothing. The problem: I opted out of tracking ads six months ago. Why is this still happening?

DMA: Data marketing is good for the economy, good for you

The direct marketing industry has more in common with McDonalds than you might think. Both can be bad for you, but only one is highly regulated.

Facebook now lets you stalk by name

You can no longer hide your name from Facebook searches. What does that mean? We asked our resident expert, Dr. Facebook, to give us the 411.

This Google ad has been brought to you by the National Security Agency

The NSA is trying to de-anonymize Tor users using Web ads and tracking cookies. As predicted, the spooks and the marketers are merging.

What kind of Internet user are you?

Are you an open sharer or a proactive protector? Do you simply interact or do you shop til you drop? How you surf the Net says a lot about how much you care about privacy.

Guess what? Your identity just got stolen

LexisNexis, Kroll, and Dunn & Bradstreet have been thoroughly pwned by identity stealing hackers. Who pays the price? You and me.

Acxiom knows all your secrets

Its new Audience Operating System combines your online and offline identities into one -- the better to sell you stuff. UPDATE: Acxiom responds

Browser cookies are dead, but online tracking is still alive and kicking

Tracking cookies are so five minutes ago. The new privacy boogiemen? Google's AdID and browser fingerprinting.

Real names, real problems: Pseudonymity under siege

As online services incorporate facial recognition and other biometric technologies to identify users, the notion of participating online using a name not found on your government-issued ID may become a quaint relic of the early...

An Epic way to surf in private

The Epic browser gives you all the privacy tools you could want in one easy package. Hope it's not a secret NSA plant in disguise.

What does Acxiom know about you? More than you think, not all of it true

AboutTheData.com lets you peel back the cover of the data mining giant and look inside. You may be surprised what you find there.

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