Irfan Khan

The promise of big data: Analytics for all

As big data sources -- everything from social networks to operations -- touch more people inside the enterprise, more workers will need analytics to get value from the data.

Speedy in-memory databases put lid on costs

With big data raining down on enterprises, DBAs are stuck trying to weather the storm.

Where does big data come from? Look in the mirror

By 2015, 68% of the world’s unstructured data, such as you find on Facebook and YouTube, will be created by consumers

Sexiest geek alive: the data scientist

Data scientists are suddenly sexy because of the pervasiveness of big data, not the newness of the position.

Spend pennies in the cloud for big data analytics

Through Amazon Web Services, companies can test drive SAP HANA on big slices of their data for less than a dollar per hour.

NSF revises big data research grant process

Grant proposals submitted to the US National Science Foundation on or after January 14, 2013 must use new guidelines.

Data geeks get it right again

The recent US presidential election puts one more nail in the coffin of managing by gut feel. Weeks prior to Election Day, the data indicated a victory for the sitting President.

Location, location, location: A big data opportunity for retailers

Retailers slowly edge their way to a deeper understanding of the value of "where" using location-based data.

HANA: The core of an integrated data strategy

SAP HANA delivers core SQL access to relational data, and includes a native text search engine for unstructured and semi-structured data.

Reduce risk in real-time

Deloitte Development LLC's "Reference Architecture for Risk" helps organizations build value by taking a risk intelligent approach to managing financial, technology and business risks.

Where's the big data in healthcare IT? Look in the mirror

Our personal big data store, roughly 150 zettabytes, may allow medical practitioners the ability to craft more precise diagnoses and treatments tailored to our individual bodies.

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