Ryan Faas


Ryan Faas is a technology journalist and author who had been writing about Apple, business and enterprise IT topics, and the mobile industry for over a decade. He is author and/or editor of ten technology books. He is a prolific freelance writer whose work has been featured on Computerworld, Enterprise Mobile Today, InformIT, Peachpit Press, Cult of Mac, Cult of Android, About.com, and Datamation. In 2008 he was awarded a Neal National Business Journalism award for his work featured in Computerworld's "Week of Leopard" series.

In addition to writing, Ryan has spent a large portion of the past fifteen years in the systems/network engineering and IT management fields as an IT director, systems administrator, trainer, and all round multi-platform and mobile device technology consultant. His client list ranges from human services agencies, small non-profits, and private schools to fortune 500 hundred companies and major media agencies. He also worked for mobile management provider MobileIron from November 2014 until October 2015.

Microsoft risks IT ire with Windows 10 update push

How a coworking space made me rethink my computing needs

How a coworking space made me rethink my computing needs

As our workplaces become more flexible and more customizable to our needs, we need to ensure that we choose the right desktop, notebook, and mobile computing options to be successful in those variable workspaces.

MobileIron brings mobile management into mainstream IT

MobileIron announced on Monday plans to add integration with Microsoft System Center Console Manager (SCCM) as a feature to its EMM suite.

How IT should prep for iOS 8

Though many changes are geared toward consumers, IT shops have some new tools at their disposal as well.

How to choose between the iPhone 6, Plus, and iPad

It's important for business users to understand the differences between the devices.

Why Apple's HealthKit and HomeKit privacy rules are a huge advantage

Apple has added a list of rules about how developers can use HealthKit, HomeKit, and keyboard data.

The top iOS 8 features for business users

iOS 8 has several features that business users will love and use. Here are the ones to look forward to the most.

JAMF may have just kicked off a price war in mobile management

The new release of of Casper Suite offers an improved self-service model, easier BYOD device inventory and management, a more seamless user experience across managed Macs and iOS devices, and support for Android devices -- interesting...

13 pieces of advice for Yosemite beta testers

For the first time since 2000, Apple is allowing pubic beta testers to try out a prerelease version of OS X. Ryan Faas tells testers what to do and what to avoid.

'Oleg Pliss' hack makes for a perfect teachable IT moment

In this era of BYOD, IT shops should talk to employees about how to bolster security.

So an iPhone user tries out Windows Phone 8.1...

Long-time Apple columnist Ryan Faas got his hands on a Lumia 520 running Windows 8.1 -- and liked what he found.

Microsoft gets strategic with its Enterprise Mobility Suite

With its Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft will make it easier for companies to manage a range of devices, including those running Apple's iOS and Google's Android. It's a smart move, says columnist Ryan Faas.

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