Best Practice: Outsourcing your enterprise resource planning

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Company: Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal

A privately owned manufacturer of standard and custom die cut gaskets, and a distributor of top quality rubber products such as seals, gaskets and o-rings from a number of manufacturers. Based in Oakland, Calif., Darcoid's primary markets are manufacturers in the OEM automotive and aerospace industries, and the company is increasing its customer base in the biotechnology and semiconductor markets as well.

'On time and on schedule at the best cost' is the mission-critical mantra of Darcoid's customers. Darcoid's success depends on being able to meet customers' requirements for 100 percent on-time delivery, short manufacturing lead time, and demanding order cycles. "You tell us when you need it, and we'll jump through hoops to make sure you get it on time," says Mark Urban, Materials Manager at Darcoid.


In 2003, Darcoid replaced an outdated and unsupported legacy technology infrastructure with a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system running on the latest generation of networked PCs. Darcoid's IT infrastructure -- built, maintained and operated by outsource IT provider Info Partners of San Mateo, Calif. -- encompasses the advanced yet proven technologies and strategies that a manufacturer in an intensely competitive marketplace requires.


To meet Darcoid's requirements, the IT outsource service provider implemented an enterprise-class solution using Prophet 21's CommerceCenter platform. Modules included: order and inventory management, purchasing, pricing and promotion, supply chain optimization, financial management, customer relationship management, business reporting and analysis, e-business, and warehouse automation The new enterprise software, which runs on Microsoft Windows-based platforms and the SQL Server database, required a complete revamping of the client's hardware, including networked database and email servers and 22 desktop PCs. Cost for the project was approximately $100K for hardware, software and labor. Implementation time was 5 weeks.

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