Big moves in store for big data [SPECIAL REPORT]

Business leaders and decision-makers set the scene for big data's next stage, including its impact on storage, security, and IT jobs

By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld |  Big Data, insider

Big data is getting bigger, and for the top enterprise executives and managers who must deal with this growth, their concerns extend beyond the data itself. Rather, they're also thinking about getting the infrastructure in place for these information streams, hiring the highly skilled professionals who know how to obtain and interpret the data, and how to act on this data once it's been acquired -- all while working within the company's budgetary constraints.

To find these answers, IDGE Enterprise surveyed more than 750 IT decision-makers across a wide range of industries on their big data plans and goals, along with their predictions for big data trends for the coming year. Find out how they view security, storage, cloud computing, and legacy systems in the age of big data -- both in terms of potential growth and potential setbacks.

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