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By the numbers: Big Data



Turbine company knows which way the wind blows at your house
The science of wind energy is well-suited for big data solutions, as a Danish wind turbine-maker discovers

How ComScore is using Hadoop to tame its big data flow
Mike Brown, the CTO at ComScore, knows a bit about managing big data. Every day 12 terabytes of information rushes into his cluster of 80 servers running the open-source software Hadoop, which sorts and analyzes the data for a host of clients who want to know things like which online vendor sold the most e-cards or how fast Facebook is growing in Brazil. "We ingest 32 billion new rows of a data a day," he says.




10 questions for Hortonworks CTO Eric Baldeschwieler

The Grill: DigitalGlobe CIO Scott Hicar on the challenges and opportunities of Earth imagery

Esri's Jack Dangermond on cloud, big data and Apple-vs-Google map wars



What Hadoop can, and can't do
Hadoop shouldn't replace your current data infrastructure, only augment it. Here's when it makes sense, when it doesn't, and what you can expect to pay.

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