7 hard truths about the NoSQL revolution

Forgoing features for speed has its trade-offs as these NoSQL data store shortcomings show

By Peter Wayner, InfoWorld |  Big Data, nosql

NoSQL shortcomings in a nutshellAll of these NoSQL shortcomings can be reduced to one simple statement: NoSQL tosses away functionality for speed. If you don't need the functionality, you'll be fine, but if you need it in the future, you'll be sorry.

Revolutions are endemic to tech culture. A new group comes along and wonders why the last generation built something so complex, and they set out to tear down the old institutions. After a bit, they begin to realize why all of the old institutions were so complex, and they start implementing the features once again.

We're seeing this in the NoSQL world, as some of the projects start adding back things that look like transactions, schemas, and standards. This is the nature of progress. We tear things down only to build them back again. NoSQL is finished with the first phase of the revolution and now it's time for the second one. The king is dead. Long live the king.

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