French firm cuts out virtualization bull

By Tom Jowitt, |  Virtualization

French hardware provider Bull
has launched an all-in-one virtualization server for companies looking for less
complexity and the ability to reduce the number of deployed servers.

The NovaScale VMBox is currently available in two configurations and supports
VMware ESX Server 3.5, with the VMware VirtualCenter Foundation management platform
hosted on a separate NovaScale server.

The first configuration is the NovaScale VMBox Discovery, which includes one
cluster of 2 NovaScale Universal servers (a total of 16 cores), a Bull StoreWay
storage sub-system with a 2.4TB capacity, and VMware Infrastructure Standard
Edition. Up to 16 virtual machines can be managed by this cluster.

The second configuration is the NovaScale VMBox Enterprise, which includes
one cluster of 2 high performance NovaScale Universal (a total of 32 cores),
Bull StoreWay storage sub-systems with a 3.6TB capacity and VMware Infrastructure
Enterprise Edition.

Up to 32 virtual machines can be managed by this cluster, which can be extended
by adding additional nodes -- each node supporting 32 additional virtual machines.

With the first two versions of NovaScale VMBox, Bull seems to be attempting
to remove some of the complexity surrounding a virtualization server installation.
Along with the servers, it is including storage sub systems, and pre-loaded
software, as well as Bull's Calypso backup software. These configurations are
pre-integrated, "thus enabling a 10 times faster deployment of an infrastructure
at a lower cost."

"As a pre-integrated and tested solution NovaScale VMbox provides high
availability through a complete redundancy of components and a total compliance
with VMware recommendations", said Olivier Gaumont, Director of Bull's
Enterprise Servers Business Unit in a statement.

The first two NovaScale VMBox modules are available immediately.

The list price of a Discovery configuration with 16 cores, 32GB memory, 2.4TB
disk capacity, and VMware software, is 50,000 euros (US$75,946). Bull did not
provide prices for the Enterprise configuration.

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