Analytics tool helps voters search social media streams of Obama, Romney campaigns

Atigeo's free tool lets users quickly find each candidate's position on issues

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Atigeo's tool is powered by the company's xPatterns semantic search platform. The technology is designed to let organizations search vast sets of structured and unstructured data for hidden correlations and connections. According to Burgess, the technology can be used to process large volumes of data to glean actionable business intelligence from seemingly disconnected bits of information.

The company has partned with several organizations to demonstrate real-use cases for its technology, Burgess said. One example is Atigeo's xPatterns Explorer for PubMed. The tool is designed to enable better medical research by letting users quickly search through and correlate information from the more 400,000 documents stored within the U.S. National Institutes of Health's PubMed body of medical research.

The company's xPatterns Domain Explorer for Wikipedia enables a similar search of all the content on Wikipedia's domain, Burgess said.

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