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FairMarket strikes deal with eBay

Posted February 26, 2001 - 4:55 pm

FairMarket and eBay this week struck a pact that will allow FairMarket's merchants, manufacturers and distributors to sell their goods directly through  

3Com slashes 13 percent of workforce

Posted February 26, 2001 - 4:34 pm

BOSTON -- 3Com  

Internet Advertising Bureau issues guidelines for larger online ads

Posted February 26, 2001 - 4:30 pm

Size really does matter, at least for the Internet Advertising Bureau  

GE expands PwC partnership, opens up exchange

Posted February 26, 2001 - 3:16 pm

General Electric's Global Exchange Services business unit on Monday announced a broad-ranging extension of its partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, while simultaneously moving to open its proprietary service for business-to-business e-commerce applications to any third-party digital  

Working to retain your employees is the insider's version of recruiting

Posted February 26, 2001 - 1:45 pm

A RECRUITER DIES and goes to  

Special Web deals: Proof of the digital divide or good business sense?

Posted February 26, 2001 - 1:19 pm

I RECENTLY CALLED United Airlines to book a  

Theory vs. theory aside, reskilling your work force is a smart conversion

Posted February 26, 2001 - 12:56 pm

MANAGEMENTSPEAK: Thank you for your  

Click-and-mortars offer customers real options

Posted February 26, 2001 - 12:47 pm

Emerging as the real winners lately are those click-and-mortars that are combining the benefits of their physical stores with their ever-improving Web-commerce  

America's 10 most wanted IT jobs

Posted February 26, 2001 - 12:25 pm

Patrick Matus has 10 phone numbers that he always keeps at his  

'I Hired a Hacker': A Security Manager's Confession

Posted February 26, 2001 - 12:14 pm

I'm sitting at my desk, having a cup of coffee and a toasted bagel when I notice this young, blond, pimply-faced kid standing outside my cube with this smirk on his red, puffy-cheeked  

Use videoconferencing for job interviews

Posted February 26, 2001 - 11:54 am

Videoconferencing proved long ago that it can reduce travel costs and extend a company's geographic reach, but have you considered what it can do for recruitment? Conducting job interviews over a long-distance video hookup has undeniable  

Wireless to boost data analysis, security, shopping

Posted February 26, 2001 - 11:49 am

I RECENTLY MET WITH one of the founders of wireless technology startup Xigo, Lenny Raymond, who calls himself "chief spackling  

Ariba enlivens the exchange

Posted February 26, 2001 - 11:41 am

With online exchanges no longer able to attract companies merely by offering buying and selling capabilities, Ariba next week will announce alliances that extend the collaborative supply-chain functionality of its marketplace  

Wireless networking matures

Posted February 26, 2001 - 10:28 am

Waking from a year-long slumber and recently bursting free from some lingering technical and regulatory restrictions, fixed broadband wireless technology may soon be in a position to catch up with its Internet-access rivals: DSL and high-speed  

Focus on IT job markets: Louisiana

Posted February 26, 2001 - 10:22 am

With Mardi Gras festivities upon us, the job outlook for tech professionals in New Orleans and Louisiana looks  

Changing the company name

Posted February 26, 2001 - 10:13 am

A company's name carries significant  

Employee surveillance: Where do you draw the line?

Posted February 26, 2001 - 10:03 am

Sometimes being an IT manager can feel more like being a cybercop than a tech  

Becoming a Security Professional

Posted February 26, 2001 - 1:00 am

Networks are more open than ever; viruses are proliferating; break-ins are occurring at a rapid

Filters get clogged

Posted February 23, 2001 - 5:58 pm

A couple of recent items caught my eye concerning Internet content-filtering software  

Filtering vs. family values

Posted February 23, 2001 - 5:54 pm

Last week, I described how the American Library Association is planning to fight the new Children's Internet Protection Act and the Neighborhood Internet Protection Act, which will take effect in April 2001 and put pressure on libraries to install filtering  

Server sales up in 2000

Posted February 23, 2001 - 5:37 pm

Although server vendors suffered in the third quarter of 2000, analysts say that the server industry apparently is  

E-GM President: No slump, only adjustments

Posted February 23, 2001 - 4:26 pm

General Motors  

Financial roundup: Looking at Lucent, Sun, Motorola

Posted February 23, 2001 - 4:13 pm


Respond to an employee's crisis

Posted February 23, 2001 - 3:55 pm

IT'S THE CONVERSATION that no manager wants to hold: An employee needs to talk about his or her long-term personal crisis, a pending divorce or his or her  

Silicon Silliness revisited

Posted February 23, 2001 - 3:53 pm

"We have jet service here," brags Chris Young, a senior project manager at the North Dakota Department of Economic Development and  
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