Juniper defends poky pace on IPv6-enabling its Web site

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"IPv6 needs to be line rate. It needs to be low latency. There can't be an impact on the end user," Ward says. " The big challenge is to make sure these twitch-sensitive video games are not impacted by the transition to IPv6...The key is to focus on having no performance degradation."

Still, it's interesting to note that Juniper, which has been a leader in IPv6 development for so many years, is putting off the one thing -- creation of IPv6 content -- that Internet policymakers most want to see occur to spur the upgrade to IPv6.

Juniper acknowledges this inconsistency, and it is leaving the door open to the idea of moving up its September 2012 deadline for IPv6-enabling its main Web.

"There is no content in IPv6," Ward agrees. "If you bought an IPv6-only service, there would be nowhere to go."   

That would include, for now, .

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