5 women leaders who are shaping IT

There's no better time than International Women's Day to recognize and celebrate the tech industry's key female participants.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  IT Management, Yahoo, Facebook

3. Carol Bartz, Yahoo

Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz smiles during her appearance at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California November 16, 2010.
Photo credit: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

As CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz is nothing if not a visible IT leader. With a career including stints at Autodesk and Sun Microsystems, Bartz has been an outspoken advocate of women in leadership roles. "Most people assume that because I'm a woman, I'm someone who's standing behind a leader, a man," she's been quoted as saying. "The fact that they're unenlightened is their problem, not mine."

4. Sue Gardner, Wikimedia Foundation

Photo credit: Wikimania2009

In her role as executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, Sue Gardner oversees none other than Wikipedia, the global resource with more than 14 million volunteer-authored articles in over 250 languages. Since joining the foundation in 2007, Gardner has more than tripled revenues, helped increase global readership by 85% and instituted a variety of new projects and activities. Like Mozilla's Baker, Gardner also recently joined the Ada Initiative as an advisor.

"I believe we need to understand the origins of our gender gap before we can solve it," Gardner wrote in a blog post recently, discussing the paucity of women editors on Wikipedia. "And the people talking ... are exactly the ones we should be listening to, because they're all basically one degree of separation from us already, just by virtue of caring enough to talk about the problem."

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Photo credit: Wikimania2009

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