13 power-packed productivity tools

These 13 free downloads will seriously upgrade your work capabilities.

By Robert Strohmeyer, PC World |  Software, free software, productivity tools

Easy presentations: Need to whip up a snazzy presentation fast? Log on to SlideRocket via your Google account, and use its slick templates to embed images, Flash objects, videos, and audio. Then export your presentation as a PowerPoint slideshow or PDF.

E-mail postponer: When you get an e-mail message that you need to act on but don't have to deal with quite yet, NudgeMail serves as a smart snooze button. Forward the message to, say, tomorrow@nudgemail.com or June2@nudgemail.com, and the e-mail will reappear in your inbox when you do need to see it.

Fast flowcharts: To crank out quick flowcharts on the cheap, download Dia. This open-source Visio clone gives you ample shapes and connectors for creating a host of visual diagrams.

File converter: Want to convert a MOV video file to WMV format, or a Word document into an ePub book for your e-reader? Online Convert transforms a wide selection of formats, and it doesn't require you to download or install any new software.

Streamlined PDF viewer: Adobe's Acrobat Reader has evolved dramatically over the years, and it has grown a little bloated along the way. For quicker PDF viewing that won't hog your system's resources, give the free Sumatra PDF a try.

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