Morning wrap: Tech giants sued over wage-fixing


Larry Page and Larry Ellison

Photo credit: Larry Page, Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS. Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp. Communications

  • For those who complain that capitalism is too cutthroat, consider this: in the mid-'00s, Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, and Pixar made an agreement amongst themselves to play nicely and not interfere with each other. Unfortunately, the agreement they made was to not poach each other's employees, which has the effect of making salaries lower for thos employees, which made the whole thing anti-competitive and illegal. Now a class action suit has been filed by tech types who are mad that for years people were not fighting over their services. [El Reg]
  • AMD's is unimpressed with Intel's cool new transistors, or at least purports to be. [PC Mag]
  • If you're been waiting for the Wii to get cheap before finally setting up your own living-room bowling alley, well, now's your chance. [TechTree]
  • That Google-Oracle suit that the two companies were moving to streamline just got real real streamlined, like down to only three claims. [Groklaw]
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