CIO salaries, satisfaction, and standing rise

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Miano concedes that the top three priorities for CIOs are operational in nature, rather than innovative. But he notes that the number of CIOs listing cost-cutting as their top priority decreased in 2011 while the number of CIOs listing as job one activities that had to do with improving their companies' competitive standing increased by five percent.

Budgets, reporting relationships and industry influence a CIOs' ability to innovate, he adds. "If you're working for an organization that's constantly cutting expenses, it's going to be less innovative," says Miano. "If you work for a Google or Amazon, you're in an environment that's very innovative. If you're working for Con Edison, you're not going to have that kind of atmosphere. At a CIO conference in New York, four out of five CIOs on a panel who reported to the CFO said that will restrict you because all CFOs care about is reducing costs and expenses."

The 2011 CIO Survey was conducted online by Harvey Nash from November 18, 2010 through April 4, 2011. 2,575 senior IT leaders from around the world completed the survey, 85% of whom were either C-level or vice president level. PA Consulting Group analyzed the results.

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