Is EVERYTHING made in China?

What do high-tech and sex dolls have in common? Both are made by the ton in China

By Michael Cooney, Network World |  Business, biofuel, China

Sheng Li / Reuters

A worker for Danish biopharmaceutical company Novozymes looks at fermentation vates for producing enzymes at a factory in the Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA), located 120 km south-east of Beijing. Novozymes, the world’s largest industrial enzymes maker, says China’s bioethanol market will grow by at least 20% over the next five years. The Danish biotech dominates the global market for bioethanol enzymes with a share of over 60%, and a share of about 47 % of the enzyme market as a whole. China is the world’s largest energy consumer, and the government has targeted to cut its levels of carbon intensity -- the amount of carbon dioxide produced per unit of GDP -- by 17% by the end of 2015.

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