The 10 best Nyan Cat videos on the Web

Happy Anniversary, crazy Pop Tart cat flying through space!

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of when 25-year-old Christopher Torres posted a GIF animation of a Pop Tart and a cat on his LOL-Comics website. Three days later, YouTube user "saraj00n" combined the GIF with a Japanese song to create the Nyan Cat video. That video has gotten more than 69 million views in the past year, and has spurred countless copycats, satires and other created content, which proves how creative people can get when it comes to video.

In honor of the anniversary, here are our 10 favorite Nyan Cat-related videos - actually, the original and nine others:

1: The original

2: Nyan cat man

Why use animation when you can create it in real life?

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