Book Review: The Healthy Programmer

Sitting in a chair for 40 or more hours a week might seem like the makings of a good life if it's combined with an impressive salary, but if you value your health and/or your career, you might rethink your priorities. This invaluable book could add years to your life and keep you feeling good well into retirement. Let me repeat that. This invaluable book ...


Bootstrapping Your Health
Thinking On Your Feet
Walking Your Way to Better Health
The Time of Your Life
Learning How to Walk
Getting Out the Door
3. A Farewell to Chairs?
Sitting Considered Harmful
Standing Up For the Truth
Enhancing Your Workstation
4. Agile Dieting
An Iterative Approach to Dieting
Balanced Nutrition Over Idiosyncratic Diets
Eating Your Brains Out
Counting Calories Over Following Trends
Adjusting Your Caloric Intake
Individual Tastes Over Predefined Menus
5. Preventing Headaches and Eye Strain
Unit Testing Your Vision
Avoiding Computer Vision Syndrome
Avoiding Headache Triggers
Treating Headache Symptoms
6. Preventing Back Pain
Unit Testing Your Core Muscles
Understanding the Anatomy of the Back
Strengthening Your Powerhouse
Developing Better Ergonomics
7. Preventing Wrist Pain
Unit Testing your Wrists
Understanding the Causes of Wrist Pain
Using Exercise To Prevent Pain
Reducing Tension with the Alexander Technique
Restricting Movement with Braces
8. Making Exercise Pragmatic
Exercising Your Brain
Taking Healthy Pomodoro Breaks
Keeping a Log
Playing Games With Your Health
Taking Your Fitness to the Web
9. Thinking Outside the Cube
Dosing on Vitamin D
Shedding Light on the Vitamin D Hype
Boosting Your Immune System
Dealing With the Common Cold
Thinking Under the Trees
10. Refactoring Your Fitness
Warming Up
Understanding the Dimensions of Fitness
Unit Testing Your Fitness
Upgrading Your Hardware
11. Teaming Up
12. Onward, Healthy Programmer
Continuous Improvement
Creating Social Habits
The Joy of Being Healthy
A1. Goals
A2. Examples
Examples of Fruit/Vegetable Servings
Example Day
A3. Further Reading
A4. Bibliography

I wasn't at all surprised by the disclaimer at the front of the book that warns about how the book isn't intended to take the place of or conflict with advice from your doctor but, frankly, most of the messages in this book that have hit home for me are things my doctor has never talked to me about or even hinted at. So, as someone who had nearly given up on the idea of ever again feeling fit, this book is as encouraging as it is eye-opening. A must read for any sedentary worker who cares about himself and his career.

The health effects of leading a sedentary life are treatable, reversible and avoidable.

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